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NEXiD is a Silver Partner and italian leading consulting service provider of 4D, a worldwide renowned software platform for fast and easy business application development.

4D is a productive and high-performance software development platform that allows you to focus on data models and business rules rather than on configuration or other technicalities right from the start. 4D also enables the digitalisation of business activities in middleware mode between users and large corporate ERPs. It includes a flexible, scalable, multithreaded and easy-to-maintain database. It also includes a low-code development language and a desktop app-based interface engine for building customised applications.

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As a 4D Silver Partner, we develop quality information systems that quickly solve special client needs. We also act as consultants to help our clients and in-house programmers to implement advanced software components, scale solutions, introduce intranet and mobile, create dashboards for Business Intelligence, and realise Industry 4.0 solutions. Our installations are integrated with mobile apps, dynamic sites (intranet and extranet), cloud services, barcode readers and industrial digital machinery.

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Clients with our 4D solution need less maintenance than with equivalent systems. Thanks to 30 years of experience and the robustness of the platform, our tailor-made solutions allow customers to be up and running immediately. 


Business Agility’s corporate mindset is reflected in the continuous development of new features and modules, even on production and evolving systems, responding to market and regulatory demands.


Why 4D?

Time To Market

At every stage of your project, 4D provides tools to simplify and accelerate development.

Work efficiently and reduce the time it takes to deploy your applications.

Cross Platform

4D is a multi-platform environment on desktops, tablets, PCs and smartphones, in macOS and Windows systems. Develop your projects and deploy them in the environments of your choice with minimal effort.


Your 4D applications can easily adapt as your business grows, easily supporting more users. 


Protect and centralise your data on 4D servers. Protect your key information by encrypting network communications and implementing a flexible authentication mechanism

4D Application Areas

4D solutions are scalable, i.e. they are applicable to both small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large companies. They are therefore suitable for a variety of markets and sectors. Below is a list of some of the main sectors to which we have provided 4D services.


Health sector for the management of grants and clinical trials 


Sports sector for match analysis and team reporting 

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Industrial sector for production support and data exchange with 4.0 equipment


Retail sector for the management of several shop chains 

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Field technicians: order management, quotations and technical interventions 

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International customers with production plants all over the world

...and many more!

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Check out all the advantages of 4D. Our team will guide you in choosing the ideal solution for your company, through to implementation and training.

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