AWS Network

NEXiD provides Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform with hundreds of data centre services globally. 

AWS provides more services and functionality within its services than any other cloud provider, from compute, storage and database infrastructure to new technologies. AWS is constantly innovating and developing technologies that will transform your business. We are consultants specialising in end-to-end project implementation and cloud infrastructure management. Our goal is to support our clients in creating applications of all kinds in a flexible, secure and reliable manner.

AWS in numbers


areas in 26 geographical regions worldwide, which is double the number of competitors.


comprehensive services from global data centres


points of presence. Over 300 edge positions and 13 regional edge caches


data lake running on AWS

We support you in setting up the best infrastructure

We build reliable infrastructures for both traditional and cloud-native applications that are both secure, scalable and efficient. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field, we have the skills to devise the ideal solution for the client: we design the application architecture, choose the most suitable products for the project and build the infrastructure on which the applications will be based. We work with an end-to-end approach, from consulting to maintenance. 

  • Migration of existing on-premise software infrastructure to AWS.
  • Assessment and optimization of resources and costs on existing AWS infrastructures.
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud development from scratch.
  • Scalable and secure infrastructure design.
  • DevOps approach for software lifecycle management.

We collect, process and store a huge amount of data securely.

How AWS is different

Flexible and open

The great flexibility of AWS allows the user to focus on innovation rather than infrastructure. 

Elastic and Scalable

It is possible to scale up or down quickly according to demand.  The ability of AWS to scale computing resources down or up without difficulty and with very little friction is known as elasticity.

Pay Per Use

Resources can be quickly subtracted or added based on customer demand automatically and instantaneously. This allows you to manage costs more effectively and avoid the premature provisioning of resources for short-term projects with variable consumption rates.


AWS is the most secure cloud computing environment on the market. Its core infrastructure is designed to meet the security requirements for all types of organisations.

Have already taken advantage of AWS services

Want to know more?

Learn about all the advantages of AWS. Our team will guide you in choosing the ideal solution for your company, implementation and training.

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