Commercio Partner

NEXiD EDGE is in partnership with Commercio, the blockchain established to create legal-value certification services (eIDAS) supporting, thus, companies in the digital transformation journey.

NEXiD EDGE is the NEXiD company that identifies leading-edge digital solutions to transform business and bring significant competitive advantage.

The partnership with the blockchain Commercio leads the way in developing applications for document and asset certification on a green and compliant (EU-2014 and eIDAS) blockchain.

NEXiD EDGE, powered by Commercio Network, offers tailored applications for identity certification, secure document exchange, electronic signature, KYC, asset tokenization and SEPA payment request certification.

Blockchain to build your business's TOKEN project faster

Commercio is a software that uses blockchain to exchange original documents with legal value. It leverages an environmentally sustainable blockchain, relying on the PoS (Proof of Stake) algorithm for block validation. The high computing power of a PoW is not required to validate a Commerce blockchain, and as a result, energy consumption is significantly lower. 

 The identity of participants is verified and certified, In this Commercio is unique in Europe. The ecosystem on which Commercio is based is Cosmos, a blockchain network. The three cornerstone features of Commerce are: ID, Signature, and docs.


Commercio ID

Secure and decentralized user identity verification system.


Commercio Signature

eSignature protocol for electronic signature with legal value before a judge.


Commercio docs

eDelivery protocol for exchange of documents certified with date and time of transfer on blockchain.

Why choose Commercio?

Scalable can handle millions of transactions (up to 15,000 per second) for small, medium and large blockchain projects with exponential growth rates.

Moreover, transaction costs are fixed.

Cross Platform

Commercio works on many platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android.


Commercio expends in a year what blockchain POWs like Bitcoin expend in a second. It uses a Sustainable POS consensus protocol.


Commercio has a deterministic, instantaneous-purpose consensus algorithm that closes blocks in 7 seconds, and not probabilistic like Bitcoin which, instead, closes them in 10 Minutes.

Applications and use cases of Commercio

Self Sovereign Identity

Commercio offers the eID service, with which apps can be made that offer the possibility of managing employee company badges, issuing certificates, diplomas, health certificates and much more. 

Commercio DOCS

Commercio provides a service for the certification of document exchange and the recognition, therefore, of key elements in cross-border trade. 

Some examples of apps that make use of this service are: supply chain and packaging certification apps, contract amendment apps, administrative apps for document storage and management.

Commercio Sign

Commercio provides a certified electronic signature service on blockchain, which makes it possible to realise, for example, order collection apps for companies, contract apps in the utilities, telecommunications and insurance sectors.

KYC and anti-money laundering regulations

Commerce develops smart contracts to offer a KYC service to be integrated into apps via API.

Some areas of application of these services are: legal, real estate, economic/financial.

Commercio Pay

Commercio certifies a Sepa payment request on the blockchain via the Commerce Pay protocol, so that any man-in-the-middle intervention is originally blocked. 

This service enables payment apps for the financial, insurance, utilities, telecommunications and many other sectors.

Asset Tokenization

The Commerce blockchain offers the possibility of tokenizing assets, credits and debits via NFT. The protocol is called DEX Commerce.

Exchanges take place directly on the blockchain, parties must comply with KYC and MiCA rules.

Possible applications of this service are: exchange apps of financial and insurance products; apps of debts (bonds) and credits (factoring); apps of physical assets.

Do you want to know more?

Discover all the benefits of Commercio. Our team will guide you through the selection of the ideal solution for your company, through to implementation and training.

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