Success Case


Velocity Aggregation Intuitivity

About the client

Italian Christian radio broadcaster that supports the creation and development of the technical and organisational network, looking after the image and regulating the development of the brand worldwide.

The aim of the project

To develop a platform to centralise the management of multimedia content and promote its sharing. This content is produced by radio stations affiliated to the parent radio station around the world. 

Such content, aggregated and managed through a CMS (Content Management System), can be enjoyed on demand through an app.

The path


The first phase consists of a functional analysis of the system and its feasibility. The aim of the project is to create a platform capable of digitalising editorial content by creating an app that is functional, user-friendly, flexible and accessible to everyone.

June 2020

Graphic interface

The team designs the graphical user interface according to the principles of UX/UI design, ensuring an engaging and stimulating user experience.

March 2021

Content Management System

The CMS is designed and the APIs are developed through close collaboration between the back end and front end teams. This mode allows flexibility in modifying the data flow.

June 2021

Mobile App

The iOS and Android Apps are developed, allowing the user to enjoy the content aggregated by the broadcasters within the CMS developed by the team. Publication in the app stores occurs on the 15th September 2021.

September 2021

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