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Europe Digital Healthcare


The aim of the project

An increasing global phenomenon highlights the need for health care reorganisation: the ageing of the population.

The project with this focus is under the name Dual Vocational Training System for Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

NEXiD, as a partner, is intervening in support of Gerontechnology, with the aim of assisting and improving clinical and care processes that invest in the well-being of older people.

Digitalisation is happening

NEXiD is a company set up to overcome barriers in the application of computerised healthcare strategies and to embrace the challenge of digital transformation in healthcare. This role is crucial as a consequence of the need for technological reorganisation.

The path

Literature and research: a state of the art study of geriatrics

During the first meeting, the outcomes of the introductory phase are defined. This phase includes a review of the literature and the current policy context in the field of geriatrics within RSAs at national level.

Granada, January 2020

Technology in support of care processes

The team deepens the digital platform implemented at the RSAs in Turkey which, through specific parameters, monitors the health and lifestyle of the elderly in order to improve their status and provide timely intervention in case of issues.

Online, September 2021

Managing development difficulties

The team works on the use of the interactive software. A priority aspect such as language turns out to be a difficulty in the development and in the subsequent implementation for the other partners.

Vienna, November 2021

The digital patient record, the Italian solution

The definition of the digital medical record and its interactive software is reached, which prioritises integration with medical devices and promotes the creation of networks between the RSAs in the area, ensuring a mapped, digitised and therefore standardised clinical and care process.

Turin, November 2021

The involvement of key users, the operational impact

The closing workshop of the initial phase brings out reflections on the objectives and operational path of the project by the team and by the key users: nurses, doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists and all the other figures who had been set up in order to investigate the care and technical needs.

December 2021

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