Success Case


Simplicity Intuitivity Velocity

About the client

Digital bank with more than 350,000 clients and a network of more than 500 financial advisers throughout the country.

The aim of the project

Development of several functionalities for an innovative bank, both the essential ones and the more revolutionary ones.

They consist of an advanced trading platform, i.e. a bank including insurance services and a virtual branch.

The path


The collaboration with the client starts in 2013, the year the digital bank is founded.

The NEXiD team takes part in a contest with the aim of choosing the bank's name and logo.


Functionality development

The team is involved in all stages of development. First of all, they develop about 120 banking operations in a very short time.


Integration and trading platform development

The team focuses on integrating the digital bank's backend with the APIs of a major European insurance company, which designs an ad-hoc micro-insurance offering for the online bank.

In the same period, it develops and releases a trading platform available to the bank's customers and financial advisors.


Virtual bank

In 2017 an innovative virtual branch that relies on Augmented Reality technology is launched. In March 2019 it wins the ABI award for technological innovation. Up to now, the team is enriching the bank with additional services and functionalities.


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