The digital factory of AI-based investment strategies


The digital factory of AI-based investment strategies

Sentyment AI is the flagship product of NEXiD EDGE.

The team conceived and developed Sentyment in 2015 to address an unpredictable and ever-changing market where interpreting signals becomes a job in itself.

Sentyment aims to be the first dynamic asset allocation product completely based on Artificial Intelligence and targets banks, insurance companies, pension funds and asset managers.

Using proprietary algorithms, Sentyment continuously analyses the market, adapting to various market conditions. The tool is able to provide all the tools to interpret the various market phases and gives indications on what to do. These features allow it to perform even in a dynamic market such as the cryptocurrency market.

What can you expect from Sentyment AI

Sentyment uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse different markets 24 hours a day in real time, creating the opportunity to invest. Sentyment reduces the time spent analysing data by more than 90 per cent.
Sentyment manages portfolios composed of different assets using AI-based investment strategies. Each AI automatically executes orders to buy and sell assets, minimising the human effort required.
Sentyment is not a black box. It tells you when and why it will make its investment choices. It helps you understand market sentiment with up-to-date, customised charts and reports.
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AIs start allocating the budget.

AIs perceive the beginning of a negative phase and deallocate the budget.

The Central Bank announced in a tweet that it would not close the spread. This causes the markets to collapse. The AIs had already anticipated this and ran for cover before the actual collapse.

AI adapts to market and risk

Thanks to proprietary models based on biomimetics, Sentyment reduces the biases typical of human beings and, at the same time, makes choices that are rational and not just based on what is shown. On the other hand, Sentyment is comparable to an Artificial Intelligence 'engine': it is an AI that generates new types of AI, each of which has a different structure from the others and has developed its own particular investment technique.

Explore AI thinking in real time

AI decisions are inscrutable. By means of mathematical models, Sentyment is able to solve the inscrutability of 'thinking', thus overcoming the classical boundaries of AI. Sentyment is equipped with an analysis tool similar to an electroencephalogram, which allows us to observe what AIs are thinking in real time. We are thus able to understand when and why AIs will make certain choices.

Advance foresight for well-founded decisions

Thanks to these features, it is possible to know when AIs will make certain transactions in the market or to predict their behaviour by informing users several hours in advance, thus enabling well-founded decisions to be made.

Enhance your investment strategy through AI

About Sentyment

Sentyment was ranked by AI4Innovation – a publication of the Digital360 network – as one of the best Artificial Intelligence products applied to the crypto world.

Sentyment AI was chosen and used by the fast-growing fintech SWAG. Wired magazine dedicated an article to the innovative solution in its October 2021 issue.

QuiFinanza describes the Sentyment product applied to Swag wallet management.

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