Boost your data

Boost your data.

Organize your business processes and data for greater flexibility, agility and efficiency.

NEXiD Consulting is the NEXiD Business Unit that provides Management Consulting services enhanced by innovative tools and technologies.

In a network in which efficiency, agility, and flexibility are becoming a pre-requisite, we carefully and proficiently support you in your quest for innovation.
This is achieved by integrating into traditional management consulting services an advanced and innovative technological component such as the digitisation of corporate information assets, data life cycle management, artificial intelligence applied to the world of risk management, compliance, IT management, and much more.

Digital Twin.

The philosophy with which we offer our services aims to equip customers with a true Enterprise Digital Twin of their company, enabling scenarios in which corporate governance becomes entirely digital, and allows for increased efficiency, agility, and flexibility.

Digital Dexterity.

The value of our solutions is in our high ability to adapt to change (digital dexterity), in the use of digital technologies to support our services, and in the broad areas of expertise in which we have significant track records, reference models and established use cases.

Digital Solutions.

Our approach is entirely composable and modular thanks to the synergetic use of no-code and low-code platforms produced by leading international market players such as Atlassian, Qlik and Mega Hopex.


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NEXiD Consultant

The role of the NEXiD consultant is a new professional figure who brings together skills in the field:

  • Project Management, in the corporate sphere
  • Compliance by Design with regulations in the financial world
  • Big Data Management, for proper data management
  • Digital Tools for data modelling, process mapping, document management, data visualisation and data exploration, for the digitisation of corporate information assets
  • Empatico-relazionale, always essential for good management consulting client and project management

Our data approach

We support our clients by focusing on the logic of data in the services we provide. Starting with the collection of data through to its processing and analysis, we identify useful insights for the clients using innovative technological tools. This process can be described specifically as follows:

  • Data creation from users, IoT and information systems
  • Data Preparation, Data Exploration & Data Visualization
  • Data Navigation & Reporting
  • Intranet, Enterprise Networks, WPN, Cloud and SaaS Platforms
  • Predictive Algorithms, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Language Processing
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, Cloud

Our services



We select technology experts with up-to-date digital skills and the right combination of vertical and soft skills to help clients cope with the changes they are facing. Evolved business process mapping, process and structure efficiency analyses and a concrete understanding of the client's objectives allow us to support them in identifying and selecting talent that can make a difference in the business environment.



We identify the compliance needs of the company's organisational model, in order to adapt companies to the requirements and standards demanded by regulations (D.Lgs 231/01, Anti-Fraud, L. 262/05, ESG, GDPR, ISO 9001, Tax Regulations, Bank Accounts and Materiality of Business Processes).  For each regulation, we structure a path together with our client, starting with the analysis of the current situation and the identification of possible risks. We implement and digitise risk measurement methodologies with an integrated approach, creating and structuring a Repository with mapping of the requirements and processes involved.



We define, manage and digitize internal control systems to support audit structures for all phases of the company organization's operations. Together with our client, we structure the plan for carrying out inspections and formalizing the findings, creating digital control and monitoring dashboards.



We analyze, manage and deploy projects with Business Agility logic, aimed at C-Levels, process and function managers and all stakeholders in the company ecosystem. We support these actors in learning new ways of introducing digital technology into their business for innovation, for simplifying processes and for achieving short-, medium- and long-term effects on their operational and business models.

Our consultants, who are certified and experienced in the main types of AGILE, start by carrying out Process Analysis, HW/SW Infrastructure Analysis and Identification of areas of intervention, up to the production of dynamic and detailed documentation essential for the actual implementation and deployment of the application or service.



We deploy omnichannel marketing strategies and design graphical user interfaces for apps and websites that amplify client performance and create a competitive advantage. Our team is made up of people with vertical expertise in Data Analysis, Market Research, Digital Advertising, Graphic Design, UX/UI design and Copywriting. We are able to realise tangible results and measure them, with a view to continuous improvement. Our expertise in insight generation and implementation of concrete solutions, combined with an ever-evolving world view, allow us to accompany the client on an effective path and unleash the full brand potential.



We create advanced digital reporting starting from the real needs of the business organisation, collecting, interpreting and analysing the data provided. In a context increasingly driven by the logic of data, it is essential to be able to make its understanding simple, intuitive and within everyone's reach. Thanks to refined Data Visualisation techniques and the use of advanced tools, the dashboards implemented by our certified consultants are able to provide a view - both overall and detailed - of the KPIs and all the main business measurement metrics, providing the client with a true 'storytelling of data'.

Il nostro team

We are a team of professionals with different knowledge and backgrounds: we are analysts, marketers, business consultants. We are able to rationalize and interpret business data, solve complexities and find the best solution at all times. We like to challenge ourselves day after day, working in synergy and inspiring each other with new ideas and insights. We face all the challenges that come our way with determination and enthusiasm, because our work is also our passion.

Our key relationships

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